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LUMT platform NOT started: One or more values in the configured settings...

Apr 9, 2014 at 12:43 PM
Edited Apr 9, 2014 at 12:47 PM

Lync Server 2013 CU5 (January 2014).

Decent server machine, only it is NOT a domain member and it cannot join domain
(because this is also my Reverse Proxy and it is in DMZ, same as Lync Edge Server).
But this machine has decent FQDN.<domain> and everything is routable (it has 2 NICs,
Private and Public, Private NIC is on internal LAN - all fine except I am not allowed
to join it to AD domain). And, Reverse Proxy is NOT a LYNC role, not published in Topology,
so should be perfectly allowed for LUMT.

Oh yes, LUMT machine is Windows Server 2012 R2.

I create New-CsTrustedApplicationPool.
I create New-CsTrustedApplication.
I do Enable-CsTopolofy.
Wait for replication.
Do Export-CsConfiguration to File.ZIP, so this is Topology copy with this new server.
Copy it to this server.
On the server start Lync Server Deployment Wizard, installing Admin Tools,
and Do "Local Configuration store" step, poiting to that ZIP file,
same as I do when installing EDGE Server (also in DMZ and so no AD). SUCCESS.
I see in the Log it does Import-CsConfiguration with this ZIP file taken as parameter.
Request and Assign Certificate.
with Subject Name equal Cs-TrustedApplicationPool FQDN, as usual.
Start-CsServices - also fine (although almost NONE of Lync services on LUMT server
because it has no Topology Role expect "Trusted Application Server").

Create Users File and Contacts File.

And it does not work... Command line is for sure correct:
LUMT.exe /Mode:Contact /ContactsFile .... /UsersFile .... /ContactsGroup....

LOG file says nothing except: LUMT platform NOT started: one or more values in the configured settings are invalid or unusable. Check inner exception and logs for more.

But I do not see or have any inner exceptions and no more logs...

Help please. I buy You a beer :)

Jun 9, 2014 at 5:36 PM
It did not test running LUMT on a non-domain joined machine. I think the manual setup you did (by exporting and importing the configuration file and to manual setup as for the Edge role) may not be good for LUMT to run. You may be missing the "Replica" Lync service.
Please use a domain-joined machine.
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